Sports Handicapping

Sports Handicapping is typically defined as analyzing game statistics and angles to predict sporting event outcomes. The sports handicapping industry has exploded with the advent of the Internet, coupled with the massive amount of sports data available. Most handicappers pore over statistics like Power Ratings and then factor in various other angles like “the revenge factor” to come up with a game prediction. It seems like everyone is now an expert and has a handicapping site. Most of these sites aren’t worth the free picks they give out.

Sports Insights takes an original approach to handicapping sporting events. We don’t handicap individual games. We handicap the entire sports betting marketplace. We use research methods and tools typically used in the financial markets. We use these proven economic models to pinpoint value and locate profitable betting opportunities in the sports betting marketplace. Our sports handicapping betting systems produce winning results across all sports types.

A good example is our flagship sports betting system, the Square Picks betting strategy. We’ve compiled a database with over 25 years of betting line moves. We then add in 8 years worth of proprietary betting percentages.  We use this dataset as the foundation for creating the optimal formula for “buying back” (betting against the public) bloated betting odds. Based on our extensive research, we anticipate winning between 54%-55% of our plays over the ENTIRE season.