Dime Line Sportsbooks For MLB Baseball Betting

What is a Dime Line?

For new and upcoming bettors who are not too familiar with the baseball lines, a new fashion for baseball betting has emerged. Like the latest trend in Hollywood, baseball betting with dime line odds is the way to go. If you’re serious about betting MLB baseball, you must have a sportsbook that deals a dime line. If you don’t, you’re just giving away money.

For those who are not caught up with the betting lingo, a dime line is a betting line with a 10-cent straddle, particularly used in baseball. For example, with a dime line, if the favorite is minus -120, the underdog is plus +110.

Here is an example of a baseball dime line you might see in a sportsbook.
Cardinals -120
Brewers +110

Why is betting with a Dime Line important?

If you are indeed a novice bettor searching for a reputable sportsbooks to get attached with, be careful of sportsbooks that do not offer a dime line for baseball bets. Some online sportsbooks offer 15 or even 20 cent lines. While a young, immature bettor might not see this as a great difference, these lines do not offer the bang for your buck that you should receiving in return for your services to that book.

It should happen that when viewing baseball lines in a sportsbook one come across numbers such as +1 ½ or -1 ½ for a team’s odds outside of the dime line. That is known as the run line and all it means is that the underdog is being spotted 1.5 runs to start the game and the favorite is giving 1.5 runs.

However, you want to focus on the dime lines, otherwise known as the moneyline. MLB moneylines simply are a betting technique in which you only need the team you bet on to win outright. No spreads are involved. The favorite would conceivably carry a dime line of -120, thus predicted to win. The underdog’s +110 dime line is more risky and for that the payoff is more profitable.

Betting moneylines in baseball is a very intelligent way to go about starting or maintaining a good betting trend. Besides baseball, moneylines are also offered in sports such as basketball, football, hockey, and soccer.

What’s beats a Dime Line Sportsbook?

Sports Betting Exchanges! Forget about Dime Line Sportsbooks, check out our article on Betting Exchanges which offer significantly better pricing than dime line or reduced juice sportsbooks. Betting Exchanges cut out the middle man (sportsbooks). They match buyers and sellers much like eBay. They’re easy to use and set up exactly like sportsbooks but members set the odds. Click here to read the article on Betting Exchanges.

Best MLB Baseball Betting Exchanges
#1 Matchbook Betting Exchange  Offering the most liquid MLB betting exchange market. Set up exactly like a traditional sportsbook. You’ll get unbelievable pricing!
#2 Mansion Betting Exchange  Commissions for SELLERS are 0.5% on winning plays.  Thus, if you take plays that are listed (and are thus, a BUYER), you would pay NO commissions.  Thus, odds of -105 are really -105.
#3 Tradesports Express Betting Exchange  Liquid MLB betting market. Set up like a traditional sportsbook
#4 BetFair Betting Exchange   Europe’s biggest betting exchange.
Best MLB Basesball Dime Line Sportsbooks
#1 Pinnacle  8 CENT LINE!  -105 everyday with -104 on NFL sides, 10% on initial deposit, 5k max, 3x rollover, plus 30days, no reloads
#2 BetUs Dime Line  Sliding bonus scale from a 15% with 1X rollover requirement to 50% with a 6X rollover
#3 WSEX Dime Line  20% Initial Deposit, 50% Match Play with certain deposit methods
#4 5Dimes Dime Line  20% Initial Deposit, No Limits, 3x Rollover,10% on Reloads