Exciting news!

Sports Insights has been acquired by The Chernin Group

I am excited to announce that Sports Insights has been acquired by The Chernin Group (TCG). As part of the deal, TCG has also purchased daily fantasy analytics company FantasyLabs and sports betting company SportsAction.

The combined company will be called The Action Network: the Dream Team of the sports speculation world. Each company is at the top of their game in their respective market, and together form an incredibly talented and passionate group of people that want to take the betting world out of the dark ages.

Our first hire as The Action Network was an easy one: Chad Millman, formerly of ESPN and the Behind the Bets podcast, who’ll immediately become our Head of Content.


What This Means for Sports Insights

This decision was motivated by one thing: going all in on betting. Sports Insights has always been a bootstrapped, yet highly efficient organization with limited resources. Still, we were able to accomplish extraordinary things.

Now with the help of TCG, Sports Insights and The Action Network will have exponentially more resources at our disposal to take our industry-leading tools, data, strategies and content to an even higher level. As a result, this acquisition will dramatically increase the pace and quality of our innovation.

I am proud of what Sports Insights has been able to accomplish since it first went online in 1999. We built a reputation for innovation and integrity as the first company to offer public betting and money percentages from actual sportsbooks taking real bets. We also pioneered the concepts of contrarian betting, reverse line moves, and betting signals. And at the heart of everything was always transparency…this will not change. Our mission will continue to be to help sports bettors make smarter decisions, and to do it in an honest way.


What This Means for Members

Short-term, nothing will change – same price, same tools, same site. Long-term, members can expect to see a constant stream of additions and upgrades as we combine companies and grow the team. The idea is that any changes to Sports Insights and to your current membership will be add-ons; you won’t lose a thing, but we’ll work hard to continually improve our current offerings as we add more and more value to your subscription.

Strap yourself in for some incredible things coming your way.


Thank You

Thank you for your support and feedback over the many years. We truly appreciate your trust in us. We will continue to honor that trust as we build out a new generation of tools and content.

May the line be with you!


Daniel Fabrizio
Sports Insights, Inc.


Read the full Press Release on theaction.io