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Reviewed by Brian Gabrielle

All betting graphs information comes through an exclusive agreement SportsInsights has with Oasis Casino & Sportsbook, one of the world’s largest online sportsbook. SportsInsights provides sports bettors with an edge needed to win.

With one click of the mouse viewers can see opening lines, current lines, injury reports and team match ups. But what makes the site unique is the “exclusive betting graphs”. These graphs illustrate which side the public is betting on a particular sporting event.
SportsInsights.com takes you behind the betting lines. In addition to standard features like opening lines, current lines, injury, and team reports; Sports Insights shows sports wagers which side the public is betting.

What really sets Sports Insights.com apart from the rest of the crowd is the exclusive agreement they have with online books which allow you, the player, to see the actual percentages bet on each game. Sharp players can tell you how valuable that information can be, but that’s not all. Sports Insights line tracking allows you to pinpoint large money drops on certain games. Powerful stuff.

-Brian Gabrielle About.com /Sports Gambling