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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get Pro or Premium?

If you’re new to Sports Insights, we recommend starting with Pro as it comes with our formulas and analysis in the form of smart money & steam moves, contrarian betting plays and our Best Bets.

If you’re a more seasoned sports bettor with your own trusted analysis, then Premium will do the job. The large majority of our users choose Pro.

Can I test your software before committing to a full month?

Yup. We offer a 4 day trials of both the Premium and Pro memberships. It’s the best way to test our software.

Can I see your software in action before making a purchase?

Absolutely! Check out this video to see behind the curtain here at Sports Insights.

Live Odds

If you have more questions feel free contact us and we’ll help you out.

How well have your picks performed historically?

Our Best Bet picks, which are the plays handpicked by our team of sports information analysts, have historically won at a rate of 54%-55% ATS.

See the historical records of our portfolio of sports betting systems.

Where’s Bet Labs?

Bet Labs is now part of both Premium and Pro memberships. For those who don’t know Bet Labs is a platform where you can apply over 400 filters to our database of historical sports betting information to research profitable trends and create betting systems.