Early 2018 NBA Championship Futures

The 2017 NBA Finals wrapped up last night with the Golden State Warriors easily defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers en route to their second championship in the last three seasons. According to the early futures market, bettors should expect to see this matchup once again in next year’s NBA Finals.

Two weeks ago, BetOnline posted odds for the 2018 NBA Championship with the Warriors (+100) and Cavs (+400) listed as the early favorites. Following the conclusion of the NBA Finals, the Warriors moved from +100 to -150 while the Cavs slipped from +400 to +450. For what it’s worth, the Warriors opened the 2016-17 NBA season as +150 favorites to win the title but jumped to -150 following their acquisition of Kevin Durant.

Recently, the market-setting Bookmaker.eu posted their own futures with several major discrepancies. Bookmaker caters to professional players and takes $10,000 limits on these futures, and their numbers are consistently sharper than other offshore sportsbooks. Their odds have both the Warriors (-188) and Cavs (+265) listed as even bigger favorites to win the 2017-18 championship.

These odds will fluctuate throughout the offseason based on free agency, trades, and the NBA Draft, but we will continue to update this table as more information becomes available.

Team BetOnline (7/5) BetOnline (6/13) Bookmaker (6/13) BetOnline (5/30)
Golden State Warriors -170 -150 -188 +100
Cleveland Cavaliers +500 +450 +265 +400
Boston Celtics +750 +1600 +1207 +1600
San Antonio Spurs +1000 +1000 +1201 +1000
Houston Rockets +1000 +2500 +3652 +2500
Minnesota Timberwolves +3300 +10000 +18494 +10000
Washington Wizards +4000 +4000 +3037 +3300
Oklahoma City Thunder +4000 +5000 +7000 +5000
Milwaukee Bucks +5000 +5000 +5500 +5000
Toronto Raptors +5000 +5000 +8000 +5000
New Orleans Pelicans +6600 +5000 +8000 +5000
Utah Jazz +6600 +5000 +10000 +5000
Philadelphia 76ers +8000 +10000 +17496 +10000
Los Angeles Clippers +10000 +4000 +4500 +3300
Miami Heat +10000 +12500 +9000 +12500
Memphis Grizzlies +10000 +8000 +14498 +8000
Los Angeles Lakers +10000 +10000 +14498 +10000
Denver Nuggets +10000 +10000 +19992 +10000
Orlando Magic +10000 +10000 +44912 +10000
Portland Trail Blazers +12500 +12500 +19992 +12500
Charlotte Hornets +12500 +12500 +27482 +12500
New York Knicks +15000 +15000 +34962 +15000
Dallas Mavericks +15000 +12500 +34962 +12500
Detroit Pistons +15000 +12500 +39941 +12500
Atlanta Hawks +20000 +15000 +17496 +15000
Indiana Pacers +20000 +10000 +19992 +10000
Chicago Bulls +25000 +10000 +19992 +10000
Phoenix Suns +50000 +50000 +44912 +50000
Sacramento Kings +50000 +50000 +60000 +50000
Brooklyn Nets +75000 +50000 +60000 +50000

One of the most interesting teams to monitor will be the Boston Celtics, who will have ample salary cap space this offseason in addition to the first overall pick in the NBA Draft. Although it’s unclear whether GM Danny Ainge will cash in some of his assets to acquire another star player like Paul George or Jimmy Butler, Boston could see their odds skyrocket with a blockbuster trade.

It will also be curious to see whether the Cavs will break up their core this off-season. Cleveland was dominated by Golden State in the NBA Finals, and there are already rumors circulating that LeBron James could opt out of his contract at the end of next season if things don’t turn around. Unfortunately, Cleveland doesn’t have many valuable trade assets outside their big three, so they may need to disrupt their core if they hope to make any major moves.

Once the uncertainty around these two players is cleared up, I’d assume that Golden State would become an even larger favorite (perhaps in the neighborhood of -150 or greater). These odds could also be impacted by the results of this year’s NBA Finals — specifically, if Cleveland pulls off another upset. If you like Golden State, you likely won’t get a better price than even money all year.

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