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  • Build Data-Driven Betting Systems in Minutes not Months!

    Do you design winning sports betting systems or wish that you could? Until now, building a robust, data-driven, sports betting system required a Ph.D. in statistics, advanced computer programming skills, and months of acquiring and poring through spreadsheet data. With Bet Labs, anyone can create a betting model system in three easy steps. Choose a sport, wager type, and name for your system. Choose from over 45 different filters and check for trends that have been historically profitable. Let Bet Labs find the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, WNBA and NCAA games that fit your system.

  • Features proprietary data from 10′s of thousands of games

    The stronger your historical odds data, the more accurate your betting system will be. BetLabs runs on Sports Insights’ proprietary database, which includes data you cannot find anywhere else, including the results from over a half million actual sports bets made at real sportsbooks since 2003! Betting data mining made easy! Bet Labs also includes betting percentages, line movement, ref bias, weather, and other difficult or impossible to find data.

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    Whether you are already building betting systems and are looking for a powerful time saver, or you have always dreamed of building your own betting model but never had the tools, Bet Labs is the perfect betting models tool for you. As one expert put it, “Bet Labs is a huge time saver, it does in minutes what would normally take me months”.

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Loaded with data you can’t find anywhere else

Team Info
  • Team
  • Opposing Team
  • Favorite / Dog
  • Home / Away
  • Winning %
  • Opponent Winning %
Time Period
  • Game Month
  • Custom Date Range
  • Time of Day
  • Day of Week
  • Pre / Post Season
  • Time Zone
Public Betting Data
  • Spread %
  • Moneyline %
  • O/U %
  • Number of Bets
Player Info
  • Player
  • Pitcher
  • Opposing Pitcher
  • Goalie
  • Opposing Goalie
Line Info
  • Juice
  • Spread
  • Spread Change
  • Previous Game Spread
Weather Info
  • Temperature
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
  • Humidity
  • NBA: Points, Rebounds, FG%…
  • NFL: Points, Passing, Rushing…
  • NCAAF: Points, Points Allowed, Yards, Yards Allowed…
  • More Coming Soon
Stat Streaks
  • Offensive/Defensive Points
  • Offensive/Defensive FG%
  • Turnover Streak
  • Sacks Allowed Streak
  • More Coming Soon
Previous Game Info
  • Winning Streaks
  • Losing Streaks
  • Against the Spread (ATS) Streaks
  • Previous Game Home/Away
  • Previous Game Favorite/Dog
  • Number of Bets
  • Number of Line Moves
  • 1st/2nd Half Systems
  • Refs/Officials
  • NCAAB Seeds

SportsInsights offers innovative web-based sports betting software for every level of sports bettor. We’ve developed a rich suite of sports betting systems that track and monitor the marketplace. Our sports betting software is 100% web-based and can be viewed in any web browser on any device. We hope you find our betting software easy to use and a boon to your bottom line. Each feature was designed to help you make better and more informed decisions.