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I recently purchased a trial of bet labs and have been playing around with it for a few days. My question to the people who have been using it for a while is do you really feel comfortable betting money on the systems you've come up with and what do you look for in a system before you start using it.

For example this system:

would you feel comfortable using it?

Also I noticed that sports insights no longer gives out hockey plays. Why is that, if they are confident in their program is it not possible to for them to come up with hockey plays?

I'm in no way trying to bash or put them down. I think the software is great and can save a handicapper tons of time.

asked 06 Feb, 15:17

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I like to see what my systems have done over the past 5 years. Line makers adjust to trends. This system has done well this year and last, but the previous 3 years not so well. That would give me cause for concern. Are these 2 years an aberration?? It was great several years ago, really leveled off, then picked up again.

Also, does a system's filters make sense?? This system seems a bit random to me. That may new why the results are hit and miss from year to year.

To answer your question, I feel very confident when using my systems. I like to see consistent results every year, particularly the last 5 years. I like to have an ROI in the double digits. preferably closer to 20 than 10. The higher the ROI, the less bankroll it takes to win. It also helps avoid prolonged run outs.

I use various time filters, finding great scheduling trends, or incorporating them into the system. Home/Dog, Previous Home/Dog, Win %, Days between games, Games in Last N Days, Win/Loss streak, ATS Streak, are great filters to play around with.

There is one filter that is incredible, can you guess which one it is?

Constructing systems allows you to use your imagination and creativity. I have had bet labs for 2 months, and have spent hours and hours coming up with profitable systems for all sports. NBA systems have been fantastic, NCAA not nearly as many plays but solid also. NHL has been the toughest for me, but it has been profitable. I have devised several MLB systems that I am anxious to use this year.

Bet Labs has been the best thing tSo happen for my sports wagering. Some plays are absolutely ugly, but I know that overall they are a long term winner so I just pull the trigger.


answered 07 Feb, 05:37

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Thanks for the replies.

Do you guys prefer to find 1 system that gives out a higher number of plays or do you come up with a few systems that give out less plays each.

(08 Feb, 14:37) caps88

Hey I'm not doing NHL but basically you're looking at trying to find a system that has been increasingly profitable over the past several years... NHL is a bit different as W/L for the systems isn't as important as units won (moneyline systems). When looking at your graph it seems to have levelled out the past couple of seasons although its up over 1200 units. Try and see if you can created something that has increasingly improved in units won. Also, try and make it a logical system (ie teams coming off losses vs teams coming off wins) this may result in the public over or under valuing a team... streaks etc.. are usually great to take advantage of (or bet against) depending on what the system stats say. I hope this helps a bit....


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Its tough to find 1 system that fires out plays several times a day. I don't have a preference. I have 7 NCAA systems, around 40 NBA, 15 or so NHL, and around 10 MLB. Some NBA angles will overlap.

For example, I have angles that have scheduling filters of 4 in 5 days, 5 in 8 days, 6 in 9 days, and 6 in 10 days. Obviously some of these will trigger for the same game.

I have some angles that occur much more frequently than others. As long as the win percentage is profitable, it doesn't matter to me how often they occur.

They key for me is to not get discouraged after a losing day. The numbers will bear themselves out, you just have to trust the numbers.


answered 08 Feb, 17:16

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