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I've created a number of College Football systems and they aren't showing any results for bowl games. I go to filter and when I click on the pre/post season filter all it allows me to click is "regular season". Any way to include bowl games?

asked 18 Dec '13, 11:12

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The Sports Geek
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Many of the filters currently do include bowl games, we are working on making the others also work. One thing you need to be careful of is that there is no home or away team filters. Many systems that include those filters will not work since bowl games are a neutral game. If you provide support with a specific system, we can work on making sure it is working.


answered 18 Dec '13, 11:24

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Tostada3 ♦♦
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I made a system for bowl gams, and didn't get an alert. I sent it in for review. Its a pretty simple system, and wondering why I didn't get a hit on it. Waiting fir a reply.


answered 21 Dec '13, 18:29

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Duh. I found it. I selected the last 5 years as a filter, and since this year had no games yet, it wasn't included.

(21 Dec '13, 18:33) smartplays1127

I hope they can make it so that the current season is active by default (or at least shows up in the seasons filter).


answered 23 Dec '13, 01:46

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Mark P
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