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I still feel it would be extremely beneficial to your members if you had an area of shared systems that are profitable. A perfect verification is the posting I created titled 'Profitable NBA system'. Notice there are over 700 views of this posting...because people were looking for a profitable system.

Members sharing systems will not negatively effect one another. We are not competing against each other, rather against the bookies.

In addition, seeing other people's systems is used as a thought starter. I'm sure most will modify and tweak someone else's system

asked 21 Nov '13, 10:28

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Sorry, the posting was titled 'Money Making NBA System' ...not 'Profitable NBA system'.



answered 21 Nov '13, 10:29

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Thanks for the suggestion. The ability for members to share systems has been on our radar for awhile and something we want to do right. It is extremely important for us to make sure that this is something a user can effectively choose to share or not. Some users are afraid that if there systems become too much public knowledge the edge will disappear and the system will no longer work. Other users will want to be part of think tank like you are referring to. We need to get it right so it works for both types of users.


answered 22 Nov '13, 11:40

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Tostada3 ♦♦
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Depending on how big of a player you are; the information we share could dramatically affect the market. It's difficult to say that sharing information won't negatively affect other players in the market. Especially in a small market like NCAAB, the information could dramatically affect the line if the player is confident enough and has enough money on pinny to push the line down a couple points. Sharing information is good, but we must be careful with who and what information we share....


answered 23 Nov '13, 17:58

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(23 Nov '13, 18:00) leemane

I would be shocked if sharing systems resulted in negative line value.

We are here to help one another. You have a feature columnist with a weekly column at talking about betting systems. But we can't do the same thing here?? You've got to be kidding me.


answered 06 Dec '13, 06:50

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simple as it

good teams off loss as visitor


answered 07 Dec '13, 06:17

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Great system. Add one more filter - Underdog - and it goes to 60%. Thanks for sharing!!

(07 Dec '13, 15:46) Biz1127

Thanks Zaf, that's been a good one for me.

I'll share one. NCAAF.
Bowl Game: Play the Favorite, if they lost their previous game as a favorite.

Just share one guys, not your entire portfolio.


answered 21 Dec '13, 18:40

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